Our vision and values

Our vision and values capture the spirit and ambition of CitySprint Group. They give us direction, defining what we want to achieve as a business. They guide our actions and behaviours and drive our performance and growth.



Our vision


To set the pace in the new world of smart delivery

Our mission

We will never stop thinking about how we can put our customers first, how we can fulfil their needs of choice and speed. We will never stop striving to create connections that are personal. We will never stop challenging the delivery world of tomorrow- making the distance between people feel like there’s no distance at all

Our values



We’ve always got our feet on the ground. Technology doesn’t have to be impersonal and complex; it needs to be straightforward and human. We combine practical expertise with innovation.

In tune

We know the world we operate in better than anyone else. We listen to what’s going on – to what people want, to what they need. Our world moves fast, so we move faster.


We never forget that our business is about people, both our valuable customers and our dedicated employees. We care. The connections we make are genuine.


We have the confidence to make changes. We are responsive. We never sit still. We invest in and develop exciting technology that leads the way and fulfils our customers’ needs.


We never stop looking for the next opportunity. We never stop progressing and shaping the delivery service of tomorrow. We have our eyes fixed on the horizon.


We are creative in how we do things. We have our own sense of style. Being resourceful and inventive puts us at the forefront of what we do.