Sustainable business

Committed to becoming a more sustainable business

We have a responsibility to our employees, clients and the communities in which we operate. Our approach creates real value and has a positive ethical impact on our performance, environment, local communities and society as a whole.

Supporting our local communities

Developing good relationships and engaging with our local communities is something we pride ourselves on.

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Our green delivery service

We are proud to offer a green courier service that includes hydrogen vans, cargo bikes, push bikes and electric vehicles. We are doing our part to reduce our ecological footprint, improve air quality and the service we offer our customers.



Reducing our environmental impact

We are committed to identifying and managing the impact of our operations and business activities on the environment.

We intend to do this by:

> Utilising renewable energy sources in our service centres
> Recycling our waste
> Optimising the efficiency of our fleet
> Investing in ultra low emission vehicles




Partnering with Transport for London

CitySprint Group is collaborating with Transport for London and local communities to understand how hubs like cargo bike parking can promote zero emission transport. We are also working with businesses to cluster deliveries, reducing time on the road, dead mileage and the amount of greenhouse gases emitted.




FTC2050 partnership

CitySprint Group is collaborating with the FTC2050 project team to better understand the impact of urban freight transport in our cities. The outcome of which will help the industry to develop innovative solutions to reduce energy demand.