Our strategy

A market moving towards us

Our success is due to a continued focus on delivering value through innovative solutions and global leading-edge technology, building on our 25+ year’s of heritage and experience. This improves the effectiveness and efficiency of what we do. Combined with our expertise and scale of our network, we drive growth, transforming how we operate and building on the excellence of our services.

We innovate: Transforming delivery services within the same day market

We create: Improving efficiency and capability by developing new technologies

We deliver: Market leading excellence and reliability in all our services and products


Our strategy focuses on three key priorities:

Innovating to create value
We are constantly evolving as a company. This leads to improvements in how we operate, our capabilities and the services and products we offer. It ensures we remain the leader in the same day delivery market and maintain our competitive advantage.

We’ve invested heavily in new technologies to:
• Increase our operational efficiency
• Meet customer needs
• Create differentiation
• Ensure sustainable growth over the long term

Driving our growth
Developing innovative products and services enhance the value of our proposition. It gives us our competitive advantage, helping to retain and attract customers. It creates new opportunities, accelerates our growth in emerging markets and supports our international expansion.

Improving the customer experience
Delivering a consistent, reliable and personalised customer experience creates value, strengthening our relationships and increasing loyalty. We place great importance on understanding our customers’ experiences, expectations and behaviours to ensure we foster lasting relationships. By utilising market leading technology to make processes smarter and more efficient, we ensure a consistent and superior customer service.