Innovation has always been in our DNA

Our vision has never been clearer; we are here to set the pace in the new world of smart delivery.

We’ve integrated digital into the business at every level – from how we recruit couriers to the innovative partnerships we form in our pursuit for an ultra low emission fleet. This makes us more agile, more productive and more effective – benefits that we also deliver to our clients.

We are innovating at a rapid pace. Everything from our SaaS platform to our courier app is designed in-house by our On the dot team, and are implemented at scale and volume through our CitySprint service. It’s what gives us our competitive advantage and creates long-term value for the Group, our stakeholders and clients.



Artificial intelligence

We are investing heavily in our AI and machine learning capabilities to deliver greater insight into customer usage and their emerging needs.

Big data analytics

We use big data analytics to identify trends and variances, improving our understanding of our customers’ behavior.


Voice activation

Voice technology combined with our AI technology will enable our systems to remember customer preferences, improving the experience with each interaction.




Accurate prediction

By leveraging our machine learning and predictive models, we’re exploring how we can further improve the accuracy of driver arrival and delivery times. This will go as far as predicting if a job might be delayed before it has even been collected.

  • 25+

    Years of know-how and industry insight

  • £17.7m

    Invested in R&D over the last three years

  • 10+

    Years of real delivery data