CitySprint lends a hand for study on bleeding disorders

1st May 2019

We’re proud to show our support for the official ‘Top 10 research priorities for bleeding disorders’ study, putting people with inherited and acquired bleeding disorders at the heart of multidisciplinary research.

The research, put together over the course of 2 years, looked to raise awareness around the concerns from patients and clinicians on the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with bleeding disorders.

Commissioned by a partnership between James Lind Alliance (JLA) and Stop The Bleeding UK, the study was funded by the UK Haemophilia Centre Doctors’ Organisation (UKHCDO) and supported by a number of charitable organisations including Haemophilia Society UK, ITP Support Association and NCT Charity.

The CitySprint team supported the study by designing and printing flyers, posters and questionnaires used to conduct and promote the survey.

It’s a great honour for our team to have been involved in such an integral piece of research and we hope the findings from this report benefit all those affected by this condition.

Click here for the full report.